Gift Horse

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Horse sketch

They gave me a horse
Young and wild
No trust
No kindnes
A shout in the night
She came like a whirlwind
Fighting and screaming
Told me to tame her
Told me to win.

They gave me a horse
I, a child, in truth
So young,
So angry,
A wild wayward youth

They said dominate her
They said she was wild
They said control her
They said to make her mild

I listened at first
Like all children do,
I listend
And copied
And attempted to woo
The greatest spirit
Not meant to be tamed
To break a heart
Not meant to be maimed.

We yelled and we fought
We beat and we ran
I won and I lost
But I took my stand.

I took and I took,
Not knowing the way
And young as she was
There came a day.

We stood toe to toe
Eye to eye,
Her sides where heaving
Not a bit of me dry
The dust was rolling
And the sun beat down
When suddenly it changed
The wind came ’round
The inferno in her eyes
Went from a blaze to a flicker
She dropped her head
Stepped into me
Welcomed me with a whicker

She showed me the way
Through fire and ice
She gave when she need not
She bowed down
And she sacraficed

But for the first time
As I stood victorious
The battle felt lost
The Win, laborious
She stood there cowed
And my heart broke
The error was clear
The burden was yoked

I fell to my knees
As the tears fell
I wept at my loss
Sure she was gone
That trust I had sought
Through the wrong channels
Could never return
I was certain
I was broken

And then my sweet Mare
The bringer of truth
Showed me the true gift
A horse gives to a youth
She nuzzled my hair
And bent her head close
She snuffled my tears
She breathed in my woe
And as I looked up
I saw something new
The gentle spirit
Of a young,
Hurting youth

She was just a baby
Just like I
So lost and alone
Adrift in the sky
She offered a friendship
A partner for life
And suddenly she wasn’t alone
And neither was I.

They gave me a gift horse
A spirit so young
But that wasn’t the real gift
It didn’t come from
The ownership I had sought
The prize I thought I desired
No it was so different
I was inspired.

The true gift was love
And poise
The true gift was grace
Under pressure
Through the noise
The true gift was trust
When I thought it impossible
The true gift was strength
When I thought I would crumble.

The true gift was there
For any to see
But my gift Horse gave
Her greatest gift to me.

-DJM 201505
~dedicated to Dina, my firey little gift.~



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